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FOG Safe uses

Use your FOG Safe Drain Guard when cooking at home, going out camping, or in your RV.  These are just some of the various uses to help prevent oil clogged drains.  If you have other applications, feel free to share them with us!

Home Chef

Dispose of your fats, oils, and grease simply by pouring them into your FOG Safe Drain guards instead of pouring it into the sink.


Keep the environment oil free! Upcycle your FOG Safe Drain Guard into a fire starter for your next camping trip.*


Use FOG Safe in your RV and avoid clogging your drain and costly plumbing fixes.


Upcycling is a creative new method of transforming trash/waste materials or other by-products into new products, materials, and even energy.  For decades, used cooking oil has been upcycled into biofuels, creating renewable energy to be used to fuel other applications.

Used FOG Safe Drain Guards that are filled with oil can be re-purposed from otherwise being waste into a fuel source helping to create a sustainable practices to help our environment prosper while reducing our carbon footprint.  Power plants will typically create a waste-to-energy process that burns trash to generate electricity for consumers.

Help FOG Safe reach our sustainability goals by keeping oil out of drains and protecting our environment.

*Use at your own risk.

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