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April 25, 2018

‘Protect the Source’—Drinking Water Week (May 6-12, 2018)

Drinking Water Week is a time to stop and think about the ways in which you personally can help preserve and protect our clean water supply. Protecting our clean water supply starts with each of us. The actions we take directly affect our watershed, waterways and ultimately the ocean. Each time a pan of grease

April 17, 2018

Two Signs Your Pipes Are Clogged By FOG Waste

FOG clogged pipes happen slowly and over time—each time you rinse a pan with leftover cooking grease or a baking bowl with melted butter, you are sending fats, oils or grease down your kitchen sink drain and coating the drain pipe with these harmful contaminants. You can think of it this way, FOG clogs your

April 09, 2018

Three Common Myths on FOG (Fats, Oils and Grease) Disposal

Fats, oils and grease (FOG) pose a major threat to our environment and waterways if not disposed of properly. When you rinse your used cooking oil and grease from your pan and down the kitchen sink it builds up in your home’s drain pipe and the city sewer line, making it difficult for wastewater to

March 26, 2018

FOG Waste Causes Major Property Damage

  FOG (fats, oils and grease) waste buildup is an expensive issue for homeowners. Each time you rinse a pan and send fat, oil or grease down your kitchen sink and into your drain pipe, you are damaging both your plumbing and the city sewer line. While the damage is not visible or immediate, over

March 21, 2018

What the FOG? Facts About FOG Waste

  FOG (an acronym for fats, oils and grease) is a major issue for homeowners, cities, states and the environment; however, it is not normally at the forefront of conversations about pollution. The problem with FOG pollution is that it is silent—it accumulates in sewer pipes and waterways slowly and steadily over time before it

March 05, 2018

Why Fatbergs Are Hard To Get Rid Of

  The word “fatberg” seems like something spooky from an urban legend—however, fatbergs are real, growing larger each day and causing major problems for cities all over the world. What exactly is a fatberg? A fatberg is a “vast, monster lump of congealed fat stuck together with a structure of used diapers, tampons, and wet

February 26, 2018

The Financial & Environmental Costs of FOG

  A drain pipe clogged from FOG (fats, oils and grease) is not only an expensive issue facing homeowners and rental property owners, it is also an environmental problem facing all of us. Financial Costs From FOG Do you know that the national average cost to clear a clogged drain in 2018 is $209? Here

February 13, 2018

Part of the Massive London Fatberg Now on Display

  On Friday, January 9th, the Museum of London opened a display showcasing the massive fatberg found within London’s sewer system in 2017. To date, this has been the largest fatberg found in a city’s sewer system. On display is a sample of the original fatberg found “weighing 130 tonnes, the equivalent of 11 double

February 06, 2018

A Peek Behind-the-Scenes of FOG Safe

  The idea for FOG Safe, started the way many inventions do—a personal need for the product and a gap in the current marketplace. In the instance of FOG Safe, Shawn Santos, an owner and self-manager of rental properties in Hawaii, came face-to-face with a kitchen drain so clogged with cooking grease that it took

January 31, 2018

Introducing FOG Safe

  Before we can delve into the details of our FOG Safe product, we need to talk about F.O.G. (fat, oil and grease) and what these pollutants are doing to both your home sewer system and the environment. First things first… What is F.O.G. exactly? The FOG acronym is a standard cooking and environmental term

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