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July 09, 2018

The Health & Environmental Impacts of a Sewer Overflow

On Friday, July 5th, a sewer overflow in Waipahu, on the island of Oahu, sent more than 5,000 gallons of raw sewage into Pearl Harbor. “The city Department of Environmental Services received a call at 10 a.m. today reporting a blockage from a grease-clogged pipe that sent 5,625 gallons of raw wastewater out of a

June 25, 2018

FOG Safe at the Hawaii Ocean Expo

The FOG Safe team was at the Hawaii Ocean Expo last weekend. It gave our team a chance to meet with people and talk about the benefits of the FOG Safe Drain Guard on our watershed and ultimately our ocean. It’s no secret that our oceans are facing a crisis—warming waters, plastic pollution, and oil

June 18, 2018

FOG Waste: “I Don’t Do Clogs”

FOG waste (fats, oils and grease) is the number one cause of blocked sewers, causing 47 percent of all stoppages (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency). The bacon grease you rinse down the drain after breakfast or the cheese you scrape into the kitchen sink after dinner, all contribute to clogged drain lines, blocked sewer lines, fatbergs

June 10, 2018

FOG Safe Drain Guard Available At Times Supermarkets

  Starting June 14th, the FOG Safe Drain Guard will be available exclusively at Times Supermarkets across Hawaii. Our FOG Safe team will be hosting in-store demonstrations to show customers the benefits of a FOG Safe Drain Guard and how easy it is to incorporate into your daily kitchen routine. They will also be on-site

May 29, 2018

FOG Safe: Connect With Us

  Connect with FOG Safe to gain industry insight and learn about our latest company and product developments. Our goal is to share knowledge about FOG waste, the best ways to keep it out of our waterways and how you can make a positive impact on the environment.   FOG Safe on Instagram Get a

May 23, 2018

FOG Waste: Working Together for a Healthy Planet and a Clean Water Supply

  FOG (fats, oils and grease) waste is a major issue in our modern cities and industrialized world. People are eating out more than they have in previous generations, and food preferences now include a wide variety of fried foods. While these changes in behavior seem innocent enough, these new habits come at a cost

May 14, 2018

What exactly is a fatberg, and why are they blocking sewers?

  The term fatberg is finding its way into our lives in a multitude of ways. The rise in sewers clogged by these heaps of congealed fat, oil, grease and trash is making the news much more frequently. The Museum of London has gone one step further, and setup an entire exhibit dedicated to fatbergs

May 01, 2018

Manufacturing the FOG Safe Drain Guard

  Developing the FOG Safe Drain Guard did not happen overnight, it took three years and a trip to China to meet with potential manufacturing partners before the product was ready for store shelves. The idea for FOG Safe, started the way many inventions do—a personal need for the product and a gap in the

April 25, 2018

‘Protect the Source’—Drinking Water Week (May 6-12, 2018)

Drinking Water Week is a time to stop and think about the ways in which you personally can help preserve and protect our clean water supply. Protecting our clean water supply starts with each of us. The actions we take directly affect our watershed, waterways and ultimately the ocean. Each time a pan of grease

April 17, 2018

Two Signs Your Pipes Are Clogged By FOG Waste

FOG clogged pipes happen slowly and over time—each time you rinse a pan with leftover cooking grease or a baking bowl with melted butter, you are sending fats, oils or grease down your kitchen sink drain and coating the drain pipe with these harmful contaminants. You can think of it this way, FOG clogs your

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