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FOG Safe Drain Guards are Now on The Grommet | FOGSafe

August 06, 2019

FOG Safe Drain Guards are now part of The Grommet community.FOG Safe Drain Guards are now on The Grommet. We are thrilled to be part of The Grommet community that has a real focus on innovative ideas and entrepreneurship.

What exactly is The Grommet?

What are we searching for? A better product? A more innovative one? No. We’re searching for a better future, because right now it isn’t fair.

Right now, the best ideas aren’t winning. Right now, big companies are getting better at selling, but worse at bringing you things worth buying.

That’s where The Grommet comes in. We shine a light on great ideas and the people behind them and arm them with the tools that the big guys have.

Sure, ultimately what we find are products. But what we bring you is much bigger than that. It’s a choice. It’s a future. It’s a world where better ideas win.

Ordering FOG Safe Drain Guards from The Grommet

Now that FOG Safe Drain Guards are on The Grommet you can order them directly from their website. Each order is $14.95 and includes nine FOG Safe Drain Guards, we begin shipping on August 15th, but pre-orders are underway now.

Whether you are searching for better products, a way to help small businesses succeed or a distinctive gift, we invite you to head on over to The Grommet.

See FOG Safe Drain Guards on the Grommet!


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