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July 10, 2019
FOG Safe Drain Guards help rental owners and property managers eliminate fatbergs and sewer overflows.
Holiday Parkway in Honolulu, Hawaii

With the steady rise in fatbergs around the globe, and subsequent financial costs and environmental damage, we have made FOG Safe Drain Guards available for wholesale purchasing. The growing need for consumers to have an environmentally responsible way to dispose of their cooking fats, oils and grease is the reason FOG Safe started, and in order to continue our mission of helping keep these contaminants out of the environment, we saw a need to offer a wholesale option.

Rental owners, property managers, hotel management and RV rental owners now have an option when it comes to helping reduce the number of clogged pipes they deal with, and in turn, help city sewers stay clear of fatbergs. Clogged pipes and sewer backups don’t just affect one apartment, one condo, one home—they effect entire buildings and neighborhoods. When raw sewage is no longer able to pass through a drainpipe, it backs up into sinks, showers, bathtubs and basements, creating major health issues and incurring financial costs for cleanup.

Sewage Overflows Cause Major Property Damage

From the EPA: An untold number of private basement backups occur each year. In addition to the problem of human exposure, these spills can cause structural damage to building frames and foundations as well as water damage to electrical and gas appliances that are typically located in the basement. They can also damage or destroy floor and wall coverings as well as personal property. The costs to repair damage and disinfect the area can grow into the thousands and are not typically covered by insurance.

The EPA estimates that 65 percent of all sewer spills are caused by fats, oils and grease.

Sewer overflows frequently spill into yards, damaging landscaping, driveways, and outside possessions. Municipal property damage from a major sewer overflow can be severe. Communities pay billions per year to clean up and repair overflow damage to sewer infrastructure, roads and other transportation assets, parks and recreation areas, and municipal water supplies and treatment facilities.

By properly disposing of fats, oils and grease we can help minimize the amount and severity of sewage overflows and have a long-term positive impact on not only our own home’s plumbing and city sewer systems, but the environment as well.

FOG Safe Drain Guards

FOG Safe Drain Guards are designed to be placed into the top of your kitchen drain or on your countertop. You can quickly and easily pour the used cooking fat, oil or grease (FOG) into it, and then promptly dispose of the entire drain guard, instead of rinsing these harmful contaminants down the kitchen sink. Our FOG Safe Drain Guard is made with recyclable materials to absorb the fats, oils and grease and can be thrown out with your regular garbage. See a FOG Safe Drain Guard in action over on our FOG Safe YouTube channel.

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