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The Versatility of FOG Safe Drain Guards | FOGSafe

March 24, 2019

We all appreciate a great life hack and that is just what FOG Safe Drain Guards are—they are a way to responsibly dispose of cooking oil and grease while keeping our environment free of pollution. The FOG Safe Drain Guard is a great kitchen companion, and its versatility means that it can also make your next camping adventure or RV road trip that much easier.

FOG Safe Drain Guards on the Road

We are outdoor enthusiasts and know how important it is to head outside and have an adventure with friends and family. If camping, boating and RV-ing sound like a good time to you—then you are going to want to stock up on FOG Safe Drain Guards. They are light, compact and travel well. Simply place them on a flat surface and pour the cooking oil or grease directly from your pan into the FOG Safe Drain Guard. Turn up the creativity and spice up your meals the next time you want to get away from it all.

Award winning, Chef Anthony Serrano reviewed the FOG Safe Drain Guard and he shared a great tip of his own, “pour your oil into a FOG Safe Drain Guard and then use that drain guard as a fire starter.” (Brilliant!)

See his full review on our YouTube channel!

FOG Safe Drain Guards in the Kitchen

FOG Safe Drain Guards are a top kitchen product and make disposing of leftover FOG (fats, oils and grease) quick and easy. Did you know that, 540+ gallons of grease slip down major city drains each month and that 100 million gallons of oil are dumped illegally each year? It’s true. Each time a pan of oil and grease gets rinsed down the kitchen sink, you are increasing your chances for a major plumbing problem. This oil and grease accumulate in your plumbing and city sewers, which leads to fatbergs and sewer overflows. Dumping grease down the sink might seem convenient at the time, but you are only creating an expensive plumbing problem.

Where can I find FOG Safe Drain Guards?

FOG Safe Retail Partners

  • Amazon (link to Amazon)
  • Big Save Markets
  • City Mill
  • Hawaii based NEX NAVY Exchange (all four locations)
  • Purchasing Hui of Hawaii
  • Simply Organized
  • Times Supermarket

*As we add retailers, we will update the Shop page on our website.

Also, we are happy to ship directly to you, please send us an email at info@fog-safe.com so that we can get your FOG Safe Drain Guards in the mail.


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