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Facts and product information about the FOG Safe Drain Guard.
April 07, 2019

Facts and product information about the FOG Safe Drain Guard.We could talk about the FOG Safe Drain Guard all day; however, we know that your time is valuable and sometimes you just want the facts laid out in front of you. Below we have listed facts and information you need to know about FOG Safe Drain Guards, what they do and how you can start making a positive impact on the environment.

What is a FOG Safe Drain Guard?

A FOG Safe Drain Guard is a kitchen product made of recycled material that collects and absorbs your used cooking oil and grease. What sets it apart from the competition is that it is a quick, easy, mess-free and environmentally-friendly way to dispose of fats, oils and grease (FOG). You simply pour the oil or grease directly from the cooking pan into the drain guard, placed in your sink or on the counter top, and then dispose of the entire drain guard into your trash can.

You can ditch the kitchen grease jar that hides in your cabinet or toss the frozen can of grease from your freezer—disposing of FOG just got easier.

How much cooking oil and grease can a FOG Safe Drain Guard hold?

The drain guard can hold 4 ounces of liquid. If you have more oil, simply pour the oil until it reaches the top of the cover and use another FOG Safe Drain Guard to dispose of the remaining oil.

Why are they such a big deal?

One word, pollution. FOG Safe Drain Guards address the current issue of fatbergs that are causing major issues for city sewers. With a FOG Safe Drain Guard you are responsibly disposing of your cooking oil and grease instead of rinsing it down the sink—which causes plumbing problems for you and clogged sewers for the city. When sewers clog, raw sewage is sent into homes, neighborhoods and the environment—causing major ecological damage.

Are they only for kitchen use?

Nope. FOG Safe Drain Guards are a cooking tool that can be used while camping, boating or on a RV trip. If you can cook there, FOG Safe Drain Guards can help dispose of your cooking oil and grease.

How can I get a box?

We have three options currently available:

  1. You can order them on Amazon (link here). When you order from Amazon you receive three boxes of FOG Safe Drain Guards and each box contains three drain guards.
  2. Our Hawaii retail partners. FOG Safe Drain Guards can be found throughout Hawaii at Times Supermarkets, Big Save Markets, Purchasing Hui of Hawaii, City Mill, Simply Organized and all four Hawaii NEX Navy Exchange Retail Locations. As we add partners, we will update the ‘Shop’ area of our website.
  3. Contact us directly. We understand that Amazon isn’t everywhere, but we want FOG Safe Drain Guards to be. Send us an email at info@fog-safe.com and we can ship an order directly to you.
I have questions, how can I reach you?

We like questions and hearing from our customers, you can always reach us at info@fog-safe.com. This account is continuously monitored, so our response time isn’t long. Whether you have questions about our drain guard, want to place a wholesale order or talk to us about your experience—we want to hear from you!


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