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FOG Safe at the 2019 Ace Hardware Fall Convention | FOGSafe

September 09, 2019

As a part of The Grommet Product Showcase, FOG Safe participated in the Ace Hardware Fall Convention in Atlanta, Georgia. Shawn Santos, Owner & Inventor of FOG Safe, was on hand to meet with attendees and share our eco-friendly FOG Safe Drain Guards. “Ace Hardware and The Grommet first began working together in 2016 as part of a collaboration to bring new, unique and otherwise undiscovered products from independent Makers into select Ace stores.” (Ace Hardware)

FOG Safe on The Grommet

FOG Safe Drain Guards launched on The Grommet in August 2019. This was a big accomplishment for our startup considering that only 3% of products that are evaluated get chosen to be on The Grommet. Their 3.5 million supporters and early-adopters help propel startups every week. The Grommet has discovered and launched dozens of now household brand names, including FitBit, IdeaPaint, OtterBox, SimpliSafe and SodaStream.

Ace Hardware Fall Convention

At the Ace Hardware Fall Convention attendees and exhibitors had the chance to network, learn about emerging industry trends and see what innovative products are now out there. To our team, it seemed that there was a real focus on new products. Attendees were eager to hear about FOG Safe along with the other home improvement related products in The Grommet Showcase. We had the chance to make real connections with people while gaining in-depth knowledge about the industry.

FOG Safe Drain Guards

The FOG Safe Drain Guard is a convenient and hassle-free way of disposing of fats, oils and grease after cooking a meal. It is made of recycled materials and quickly absorbs the fats, oils and grease that you pour into it directly from your cooking pan. You then simply dispose of the entire drain guard into your trash. This keeps that harmful FOG contaminants out of your plumbing, city sewers and the environment—thus eliminating your impact on the growing fatberg epidemic. See a FOG Safe Drain Guard in action over on our FOG Safe YouTube channel.

We are sharing photos from the Ace Hardware Convention over on our Facebook page.

Ready to give FOG Safe Drain Guards a try? Head on over to our shop! FOG Safe can be found at numerous retailers throughout Hawaii, on The Grommet and Amazon.


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