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Eco-Friendly Gift Idea: FOG Safe Drain Guards | FOGSafe

October 03, 2019

FOG Safe Drain Guards make an excellent green gift for your environmentally conscious family, friends and colleagues. Fall is officially here, which means that the holiday cooking season and gift giving is almost upon us. For many, finding the perfect gift can be a challenge. Below are three ways you can share this eco-friendly gift with those closest to you.

Hostess Gift

We all like to show up to a gathering with a thoughtful hostess gift. Traditionally, hostess gifts are gifts that can be used during the course of entertaining or for a future party. FOG Safe Drain Guards make an excellent hostess gift for those that love to cook. Each box contains three drain guards, which mean that it is a thoughtful and eco-friendly gift that will be used more than once.

Stocking Stuffer

When it comes to stocking stuffers, it’s always fun to get creative. This year, whether you are stuffing stockings for a Dad, Mom or a New Graduate, add a box of FOG Safe Drain Guards. The unique stocking stuffer will not only surprise the recipient, but it will also help the environment each time it is used—a win, win!

Holiday Gift

Whether you are giving family gifts, friend gifts or colleague gifts we all like to have the element of surprise. Surprise those closest to you that love to cook with a top eco-friendly kitchen gadget—FOG Safe Drain Guards. Mom or Dad won’t be able to shake this wrapped present and guess what it is!

FOG Safe Drain Guards

While FOG Safe Drain Guards were originally designed to be used in the kitchen, they can also be used on a camping trip or an RV adventure. If you have some adventure seeking family or friends that love to cook a delicious meal, toss a box into their supplies.

FOG Safe Drain Guards are made with recycled material and are perfect for those that are working on living a more sustainable lifestyle. Watch a FOG Safe Drain Guard in action over on our YouTube channel.

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Ready to give them a try? Head on over to our shop! FOG Safe can be found at numerous retailers throughout Hawaii, on The Grommet and Amazon.


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